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A Clear Vision Session is a brand new service I’m offering: a 1 hour coaching call to gain clarity & take action on a specific issue or area of your life.


You have a decision to make. 


You have two (or more) paths before you and it’s time to choose a direction. 


You need clarity about your career, your relationship, your creativity, your purpose. 


You are ready to listen to your gut, your heart, your soul about what’s right for you.


And you want to take action in alignment with your truth.


Then a Clear Vision Session is a perfect match for you.


You don’t have to commit to months & months of coaching or make a major financial investment.


A Clear Vision Session is a one-time $80 coaching session designed to help get you clear & get you moving in the right direction. 



During these 60 minutes, we’ll focus on one particular issue or area of your life. 


We’ll begin by offering you a safe & open space to share what’s coming up for you. 


We’ll then apply coaching tools & exercises to get you in touch with your inner truth and discover a clear vision for the path that’s right for you. 


Based on those insights, we’ll close the session by deciding on action steps you will take & providing you with inner homework that will continue to support your clear vision. 



If this coaching experience is the right fit for you, click the link below to book a session with me today. 

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