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As a life coach, my calling is to empower clients like you to find their own unique life path. I am here to walk by your side as you embark on your own personal hero’s journey towards the life you feel most deeply called to live. 


The A Path To Call Your Own coaching experience is a journey with one destination: the REAL YOU. 

From that place of true authenticity, you can envision and create a life for yourself that genuinely brings you joy, connection, and meaning. 


From that place of deep self-acceptance, you can finally step into the life you truly want - in all the areas that matter most: your purpose, your career, your creativity, your spirituality, your relationships, your health, your overall well-being. 

As you prepare to embark on this coaching journey, I encourage you to think of this process as an opportunity to make the deepest of commitments to your self & to your growth. I will be walking by your side entire way, but what will truly make this experience life-changing is your own capacity to show up for yourself like never before.


A major component of our journey together will be a series of hour-long coaching sessions. In these sessions, we will dive deep into what is truly most important to you - your passions, your dreams, your purpose. We will utilize coaching practices to help you give voice to your authentic self, work through emotional blocks holding you back, and reveal greater clarity about the next steps on your path. Every coaching session incorporates an opening meditation, a client check-in, an exploration of the client's current progress & struggles, and action-oriented goal setting for the week ahead. 



Each coaching journey begins with a Pathfinding Session - an introductory conversation that gives coach & client the opportunity to learn about each other, the coaching process, and your unique priorities as a client. Pathfinding Sessions are free and last 30 minutes. At this time, I am conducting all Pathfinding Sessions online via Zoom. Click the link below to schedule your Pathfinding Session now. 


After our Pathfinding Session, you are ready to choose a coaching plan & book your first coaching session. I offer several coaching plans for clients to choose from, based on their unique priorities, goals, timeline, and budget. Click the arrow below to book your first session & make your first payment for the coaching plan that best suits your journey.

Self-Led Practices During Coaching Experience

Alongside our coaching sessions, I highly encourage you to commit to daily practices throughout your journey that nourish you & allow you to reflect on your progress. This is where you will really do the daily inner work of self-reflection and self-transformation. 


One of my strongest recommendations is to keep a journal dedicated to insights that arise during your coaching journey. This journal becomes a space to develop your authentic voice, express thoughts & emotions, and process new developments in your understand of self. (For more resources on keeping a journal, I invite you to explore the Journaling page of this website, which features 30 unique prompts designed to spark new insights & reflections).


In addition to journaling, I invite you commit to at least one other self-growth practice during our work together, whether it be a movement-centered practice like walking or yoga, a mindfulness practice like meditation, or the cultivation of a morning routine or bedtime ritual. Showing up for yourself through these daily practices is precisely where some of the greatest transformation will occur during your coaching experience. 

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