As a life coach, my calling is to empower clients to find their own unique life path. My goal is to create a space for clients to look deeply within themselves and create a way of life that is truly aligned with their highest self. 

Simply put, life coaching is a container for your transformation


A coaching journey with me isn’t merely a series of coaching sessions. It isn’t just a collection of strategies and tools and accountability challenges. It isn’t just some advice you could get from a million different self-help books. 


It is a space specifically designed for the emergence of the REAL YOU. It is a journey with only one destination: the life you feel most deeply called to live. It is a commitment you make to yourself: to never turn your back on your dreams ever again.


Every client is unique, so every coaching journey is unique as well. Therefore, I offer custom coaching plans for my clients based on their distinct priorities, goals, timeline, and budget. Below you will find an overview of the coaching process & the various coaching plans I offer to give you a sense of how we will walk this path together. 


Each coaching journey begins with a Pathfinding Session - an introductory conversation that gives coach & client the opportunity to learn about each other, the coaching process, and your unique priorities as a client. Pathfinding Sessions are free and last 30 minutes. At this time, I am conducting all Pathfinding Sessions online via Zoom. Click the arrow below to schedule your Pathfinding Session now. 



  • Free 30 minute introductory session for prospective clients


After our Pathfinding Session, you are ready to choose a coaching plan & book your first coaching session. A life coaching session is a 60 minute experience of looking deeply within yourself & discovering a life path that is truly aligned with your highest self. Every coaching session incorporates an opening meditation, a client check-in, an exploration of the client's current progress & struggles, and action-oriented goal setting for the following week.


I offer several coaching plans for clients to choose from, based on their unique priorities, goals, timeline, and budget. Click the arrow below to book your first session & make your first payment for the coaching plan that best suits your journey.




90 Day Intensive Coaching PLAN

  • Twelve 60 minute coaching sessions (four per month)

  • Payment Plan Option = 3 monthly payments of $450

  • Pay in Full Option = $1,215 (saving $135)



  • Six 60 minute coaching sessions (two per month)

  • Payment Plan Option = 3 monthly payments of $250

  • Pay in Full Option = $675 (saving $75)


  • Twelve 60 minute coaching sessions (two per month)

  • Payment Plan Option = 6 monthly payments of $350

  • Pay in Full Option = $1,890 (saving $210)



I believe wholeheartedly in the power of this coaching process to transform people’s lives. Therefore, I care very deeply about making my coaching services available & affordable to anyone who is truly committed to walking the path of their life purpose. If you feel deeply called to do this work, but the cost of the coaching packages above are beyond your current financial means, I encourage you to reach out and have a conversation with me. Together we can discuss an alternative payment schedule or amount you would be able to pay each month with honor & integrity. 


“Working with Matt has brought me deeper in touch with my life’s purpose, while also guiding me along the way to stay in alignment with my path. He’s inspired me to believe that no dream is too big, and has helped me turn grandiose ideas into actionable steps and kept me accountable. He’s a wonderfully genuine and kind being and I cannot recommend him and his work enough. Your soul will thank you.”


Lex, Charleston SC

“Matt has been an amazing influence on my life. He’s an excellent role model, something I’ve realized I was searching for. I’m learning to live with confidence, pride, and a deep foundational sense of purpose.”

Coleman, Asheville NC


"Working with Matt is so grounding and motivational for my spiritual work and my business growth. Knowing that these two monumental parts of my life coincide, it’s crucial to have such a impactful mentor on my side as a steady reminder that all I need is already within me." 


Nicci, Charleston SC

"Matthew embodies a healthy masculine able to hold space in an authentic way for others. He shows up to spaces being who he is, which allows others to do the same. In this work, I have gained key insights that have changed the way I walk in the world & what doors I open. He brings together the heart of the artist and the strength of a mountain. Self-help books are great, but if you are looking to grow yourself & get clear on your direction, this is one path that can help you to get there more quickly." 


Ash, Asheville NC