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Finding Purpose is my signature program designed to guide you into a deeper understanding of yourself, your passions, and your unique purpose here on Earth. 


Offered as both a 1-on-1 coaching program and a group-centered course, Finding Purpose is the ideal journey for anyone ready to leave behind a life that feels directionless and meaningless into a way of being that is full of joy, creativity, passion, and service to others. 


At the center of Finding Purpose is a quote by the spiritual writer Frederick Buechner: 


"The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.”


Regardless of your specific religious or spiritual beliefs, I believe this quote lays out a perfect framework for discovering the essential elements that make up your deep sense of purpose. It is that combination, that union, of your deep gladness and a way of being of service to the world’s hunger, that puts you exactly where you need to be, in the place where life calls you to. 


This exploration of the meeting place of our deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger forms the overall structure of Finding Purpose.


We begin with an in-depth investigation into what bring you a feeling of deep gladness. What explore what forms of play brought you joy as a child, where your inner talents and gifts are to be found, what activities bring you a balance of pleasure and challenge, and what sources of healing did you find during times of suffering & struggle. This investigation is supported by a guided visualization, reflection questions, journaling prompts, and homework challenges to explore your personal sense of play & deep gladness. 


Then we move into an exploration of what ways you feel called to serve the world’s deep hunger. We take a deep dive into what forms of lack you’ve experienced in your own story and what sources of suffering in the world most speak to you. This exploration also features a guided visualization, reflection, and homework challenges.


Finally, we discover the meeting place of your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger - your own unique purpose. You will learn to express this sense of purpose in a personal mission statement and to set specific goals for living your purpose on both a micro level (small, daily actions) and a macro level (big, ambitious life goals). By combining these micro & macro actions, you will be well on your way towards living a life of purpose. 


In both the 1-on-1 or group experiences, you will be supported on your journey into purpose and held accountable to the goals & actions steps you set for yourself. 

Finding Purpose 1-on-1 Progam.png

The 1-on-1 Finding Purpose experience is offered year-round as a personalized 8-week coaching program. You will work with me directly to uncover the deepest layers of your gladness & your unique way of helping the world through your joyous service. Click the link below to set up an initial Pathfinding Session (a free 30 minute discovery call) to find out more about Finding Purpose & how it can serve your life. 

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The Finding Purpose group course is a 6 week experience offered several times a year. The course is limited to 6 participants to create a tight-knit community of fellow purpose seekers, with plenty of space for each individual to share & express themselves throughout the course. The next group course offering of Finding Purpose will begin on October 7, 2021. Click the link below to learn more & register for the course.

You can also experience a preview of the Finding Purpose journey through a 45-minute guided audio experience featured on the A Path To Call Your Own Podcast. Divided into two parts, “Part 1: Your One Wild and Precious Life” explores the concept of purpose and deep gladness while “Part 2: The Place God Calls Your To” covers the world’s deep hunger and how to establish goals rooted in your newly discovered purpose. Click the links below to listen now. 

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"I am so grateful to have been a part of the Finding Purpose course. I gained clarity about next-steps on my path, career-wise and beyond. I also felt a deep sense of accountability and support from walking this purpose journey with a community of people. If you want to be reconnected to who you really are...your gifts in this world and how to use them… this course is for you."


Raven, FINDING PURPOSE Participant

“I took this course in May 2020 and it felt divinely timed as a relief to the confusion and chaos of that time. Our group meetings became the anchor of my week and helped me get back on my feet and on a path that aligned with my soul's purpose. Couldn't recommend enough."


- Sam, FINDING PURPOSE Participant

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