Meditation has been an essential part of my spiritual journey for over 15 years. When I sit quietly in meditation each morning, focused simply on breathing in & breathing out, I come home to my true self. I remember my path & my purpose. I reconnect to the sacred source of all being. I couldn’t imagine my life without this practice. 

Since 2012, I've taught meditation to youth & adults to reduce stress, find clarity, and discover an authentic spiritual connection. In my work as a spiritual life coach, I have a deep passion for sharing the benefits of meditation with all of my clients. Each coaching session begins with a guided meditation uniquely suited to the client's needs.

Below you can learn more about my meditation offerings: an online meditation group I host on Monday nights, private meditation sessions, and free guided meditation audio. 

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PATH Guided Meditation Coming Home To Yo
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PATH Guided Meditation Light of Love Web
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PATH Guided Meditation Body Like A Mountain Website.png
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PATH Guided Meditation Gratitude & Generosity Website.png
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