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A Heart To Hold It All {Poem}

Not a day

goes by now

when I am not

brought to my knees,

buckled and broken

wide open

by the grief

and glory

of this world.

This morning,

I watched

a mountain

parting clouds

like Moses

split the sea.


the news tells me

the end is near.

Every headline

is heartbreak.

Every neighbor

shuts their door.

At night,

the sky

is a sea of candles,

each burning wick

a world

I’ll never see.

If I said a prayer

for every star I saw,

would it be enough

for God to finally


Never have I

felt so small.

Never have I

felt a part

of something

so large.

Give me a heart

to hold it all:

the fear

that would

break us,

the love

that will

save us,

the gift


the pain


the pain


the gift.

Give me


to hold

us all


the grief

and glory

of this world.

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