Back in December, I wrote a post about the life-changing weekend I experienced with the ManKind Project. Alongside forty other men, I went through an initiation into a deeper form of manhood & a new relationship to my own masculinity. I walked in nervous, fearful, and alone. I walked out empowered, determined, and part of a new brotherhood.

Over a month later, I remain grateful for the massive inner growth I experienced that weekend. But I’m perhaps even more grateful for the deep bond of brotherhood I formed with the men of Asheville who went through that initiation with me.

This past Saturday night, I was honored to have many of those men at my new home in the mountains. It was a beautiful sight: all of us gathering around the fire pit, keeping alive the connection we formed on our weekend.

It’s a moment I had actually been praying for, a longing I had felt, for quite some time.