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Directions for Reclaiming Your Soul {Poem}

Follow the leaf-laden

path through the woods

in autumn.

Let the crunch

of fallen leaves

be the music

that guides your way.

Breathe deep the air,

letting the wind

carry the forest

into your lungs

and out again.

Follow the symphony

of water rushing

off in the distance,

pulling you closer

to where you belong.

Step out beyond

the end of the trail,

as it opens into


without another

soul in sight.

Remove all reminders

of your civilized life.

Climb up to the mouth

of the water’s descent.

Stand in the glory

of your oneness

with all that grows,

all that roams,

all that flies and swims,

all that breathes

on this sacred earth.

Let the cold splash

of water on your face

wake you up

from all that has

kept you asleep

for too long.

Shake the dust

from your hair,

wipe away the tears

old stories brought you.

Sing the new song

stirring in your soul

for all the earth

to hear.

And when you have

fully remembered

exactly who you are,

find the trail again

that takes you

back to the world,



and wiser

than ever before.

- Matthew Foley


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