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Every Blossom, Every Tree, Every Rooted Thing {Poem}

Like a stone thrown

into the river’s flow,

we are called by the earth

to go in search of depths.

Mother Nature has

no patience

for all that merely

scratches the surface

of things.

Every blossom, every tree,

every rooted thing

knows its place in the field,

knows its being by the way

it reaches always for the center,

never once dreaming

of trading all its rootedness

for an empty freedom.

What makes us determined

to flee from everything

that would love us deeply,

so determined

to be in any other moment

but the one where we are now?

What are you chasing

that is not already

right before you?

What blessing do you seek

that has not already

been given to you

every moment of your life?

Sink down to the river’s bottom.

Plant your seeds in dark soil.

Watch the slow unfolding

of what this earth

intends you to be,

if you would only slow down

long enough

to let yourself grow.

- Matthew Foley


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