Finding Spiritual Wisdom in Crazy Times

Whenever I’m in need of guidance in life, I often turn to the myths, stories, and archetypes of the world's spiritual traditions. I turn to these sources because they speak to what is constant, even eternal, in the human experience. Whenever I’m going through a struggle or problem that feels so personal & unique to my life, I feel comforted & empowered knowing that human being have been going through similar struggles throughout all times & cultures. These ancient spiritual truths help me feel less alone.

As we go through this particular moment in history, shaped by fears & panic around the coronavirus, I was curious what ancient myths & archetypes might speak to this moment. I know this won’t seem optimistic at first, but the most obvious mythic parallel is the archetype of the the “end times": the end of the world, the apocalypse. Almost every religion & culture on the planet developed a vision of the end of the world, often accompanied by great catastrophes, deadly illnesses, and political corruption. Sound familiar at all?

But myths are not fundamentally about things that happened in the past or events that will happen in the future. Myths & archetypes speak to what is eternal, to those patterns that are always with us.