Genuine Healing

The art of healing is on my mind today.

Both personally and collectively, 2020 has been a year where many deep wounds have come to light. There is a call in the air for healing at the moment, but what exactly should that path of healing look like? Any genuine healing process must begin with an honest acknowledgment of the wound. Whether we’re talking about a cut to the skin, a wounding of the heart, or the trauma of oppression, no honest healing can occur until we acknowledge and honor the fact that a wounding has taken place.

I know this seems like an obvious point, but I often see many people - in both political & spiritual circles - that seem to want to skip right to the healing without this basic step of acknowledgment.

I see this pattern most strongly among people whose message is focused on a contemptuous rejection of any form of “victim mentality.”

Now, there is truth to the idea that we can become so fixated on our wounds that it leads to a paralysis and a forgetting - we stay stuck in our wounding, having