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The Still Quiet Voice Within

Where do you go to find the still, quiet voice within?

It may seem harder than ever to escape the noise and bustle of modern society, its loud voice always full of demands and desires.

Thankfully, life is always offering us moments that invite us to stillness and spaces that fill us with wonder.

The ocean and its steady rhythm of waves. The tops of mountains and the wide expanse of blue sky. The open page of a journal and a fresh cup of coffee. The steady stillness of meditation and the mindfulness of each breath.

Each is an opportunity to pause and ask ourselves, “What voice am I listening to? My own? Or someone else’s?”

If the voice is not yours, rising up from within your body and soul, it is time to listen more deeply.

Walk slowly into the solitude and silence of wild spaces, where the older, deeper voices within you may at last begin to speak.

Listen, and they will lead you, step by step, to a path to call your own.


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