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Highest Peak

What’s the highest peak you’re aiming for?

A career aligned with your highest purpose.

A creative life filled with inspiration.

A vibrant sense of health & physical well-being.

A relationship built on love, respect, and trust.

A spiritual connection that feeds your soul.

A life of travel, adventure, and wonder.

A 9,189 feet, Mt. Lemmon is the high point of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona. Hiking up to such a height yesterday, I felt such gratitude for the life I live and the path that has brought me here.

Not gonna lie: it was a rough, rocky road that led me to my own personal mountaintop.

Five years ago, I was lost. I felt stuck in an unhappy marriage, an unfulfilling career, and a state of spiritual confusion. Thankfully, I discovered an inner courage to leave it all behind, to walk away from everything that was not aligned with my true self and my true purpose.

I decided to heed the call to adventure and start living my life as a hero’s journey. I decided to prioritize my creativity, my passion, my health, my spirituality, my sense of wonder.

Today, I live a life I love on my terms. My days begin and end with freedom, joy, and purpose.

This is life at the peak. And let me tell you: the view is gorgeous.

As a certified life coach, I want the same for you and I’m here to help you find the path to your own mountaintop. If you are ready to start the journey towards your best life, send me a message today to learn more about my life coaching services.


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