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Life Coaching For Men

In my own journey these past few years, nothing has had a greater impact on my personal growth than the work of reclaiming my own masculinity.

For far too long, I was cut off from this inner source of strength, clarity, and wisdom out of shame and insecurity. Throughout my 20’s, I found myself perpetually playing the role of the “nice guy.” I was kind, emotionally intelligent, and big-hearted, but deep down I was scared - scared of standing up for myself, my wants, my needs, my dreams.

No more. Since entering my 30’s, I have been on a mission of reclaiming the power of my own masculinity and stepping fully into mature manhood. The fruit of this work has been profound. I am now a self-employed business owner & a homeowner. Through vision and dedication, I’ve built the life of my dreams. I feel grounded, centered, confident, and courageous in ways that once felt inaccessible to me.

But I didn’t do this work alone. I’ve been blessed to receive incredible mentorship, support, and inspiration from men walking a similar path.

As a certified life coach, it is my deep calling to pay these blessings forward and coach other men on their path to mature masculinity.

In my coaching work with men, we take a deep look at four archetypes of the mature masculine self: King, Warrior, Magician & Lover. These archetypes represent different aspects and capacities of a mature man: our ability to be sovereign over our lives, to create order, and offer blessings to others (K) , to defend our boundaries, be accountable, and use our strength for good (W), to access our inner wisdom and connect with the sacred (M), and to have a healthy relationship to our emotions and passions (L).

A young man I worked with recently described our coaching journey together in this way:

“When I came to Matt, I was struggling with self-confidence. I knew, deeply, that there was something missing in my life, a piece of me I’d lost along the way. With Matt’s guidance I dove down and searched for myself.

“Together we discovered the Jungian archetype of the King, the part of a man’s psychology that provides order, prosperity, and leadership. A Hero’s Journey took place, in which I confronted the fear that had been running my life and cast it down. It was a powerful, mysterious, and challenging experience.

“Now, I feel more confident in saying yes and no, and deciding what is best for me. I feel like I’m working for, rather than against myself. There’s a sense of clarity, a freshness, being in touch with my King, who has retaken his throne.

“I am so appreciative of Matt for helping me learn how to lead myself and I would recommend A Path to Call Your Own to anyone who is willing to be vulnerable, ask the questions, and stand up for their personal growth.”

For any man searching for a path towards a deeper connection with himself & his own masculinity, it would be my honor to serve as your life coach. I invite any man reading this to message me & set up a free discovery session (over phone, Facetime, or Zoom) to learn more how the coaching process can serve your goals & personal growth. Head to the "Coaching" page of this website to learn more about my 1-on-1 coaching services.

Remaining stuck in a wounded & immature boyhood does not serve you, your family, your romantic partner, or the world. It is time to stand up in the fullness of your manhood & walk the path of mature masculinity.

Are you ready to stand up?


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