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Living Your Dharma


In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the word “dharma” is rich with meanings.

Dharma can refer to the fundamental laws of the universe. It can mean a truth or a teaching. It can signify a certain spiritual path, such as when the Buddhist path of awakening is referred to as the “buddhadharma”. It can also refer to one’s sense of duty or responsibility.

Your dharma, therefore, is a combination of: your truth, your understanding of the world, your spiritual path, and your duty.

You dharma is your unique way of living your life in alignment with your highest truth.

Your dharma is your great purpose in life.

There is nothing that brings me more joy than helping people get clear about their dharma & start living it in the world.

And the world needs you to live your dharma.

We are living in such a time of uncertainty - of such chaos and potential - that we need as many people as possible to own their gifts and start serving the world in their own unique beautiful way.

That’s your dharma.

As I’ve gotten clear about my own dharma during these times, I feel more inspired than ever to teach spiritual wisdom & support others in walking the path of their life purpose.

I want to stand by your side as you share your amazing gifts with the world and live in the power of your truth.

I’m ready to help you live your dharma.


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