Masculinity: Inner Boy to Inner King


There’s few words in our culture right now that provoke such intense emotion.

On the one hand, hardly a week goes by without breaking news of powerful men acting horribly and abusively, particularly towards women. In offices, in media, in Hollywood, women are calling out these forms of toxic masculinity that objectify women, denigrate the feminine, dominate the powerless, and glorify abusive power. Time’s up on this monstrosity of manhood.

On the other hand, there is a growing sense that many men - particularly young men - are feeling spiritually lost, emotionally confused, directionless, and powerless. So many boys grow up with a dire lack of positive male role models, rarely seeing adult men act with compassion, consistency, or conscience. These boys are given no road map to manhood other than the ones given to them by immature peers and an even more immature culture. One need only consider that men die by suicide 3.5 times more than women to know that something is profoundly lacking in the modern masculine soul.

The writings of Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette on masculine psychology & masculine archet