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Mountain Medicine {Poem}

I watch the mountains wake,

sitting cross-legged

in the dark just before dawn.

The birds begin

their morning songs.

A cardinal cries

for its mate.

A rooster in the distance

wakes the whole valley.

Light pours over

the ridge line

like a cup overflowing,

as the black outline

of Mt. Pisgah

turns slowly to blue.

Do you ever get lonely

up there by yourself? they ask.

The trees answer for me,

waving in the wind at me

as I sip my coffee.

The earth answers for me,

giving roots to all my relations.

It was the city

that made me lonely,

the crowded bars

that broke my heart.

I was sick to my soul

before I found this

mountain medicine.

Now I breathe deep

among the leaves,

my heart near to bursting

with the beauty

all around me.

No, I’m not lonely

here at all,

sitting cross-legged

watching the mountains wake.

I am free.


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