My Weekend With The ManKind Project

Back in October, I started showing up to meetings of the Asheville chapter of The ManKind Project. Almost every Wednesday night since then, I have gathered with a room full of over 40 men committed to the work of becoming better men.

One week ago now, I embarked on a weekend journey with men from all over the Carolinas and beyond. MKP calls this weekend the New Warrior Training Adventure. It is designed to be an initiation into authentic, mature manhood - modeled on ancient rites of passage we have largely forgotten in our modern culture.

The two photos above were taken at the beginning & the end of the weekend.

In the first photo, you can see all the emotions I had carried for way too long… fear, doubt, grief, uncertainty. This weekend held the promise of transformation, of being reborn into a new man, but I knew the path to that rebirth would take me through dark, difficult terrain. And I was scared.

The second photo might be one of the most joyous photos of me every taken. I was brimming with light, glowing with the gold I had discovered inside me. I had crossed to the other side, reborn.