Like many people, I spent much of my youth running from responsibility. To my teenage eyes, the world of adult responsibility - 9 to 5 jobs, raising children, mortgage payments, saving for retirement - felt like trap designed to steal my creativity, my individuality, my freedom.

My youthful self believed: If the choice is between responsibility or freedom, I choose to be free.

As I’ve gotten older (and perhaps a little wiser), I’ve come to believe that this is a false choice. Responsibility and freedom are not opposed. In fact, the reality is:

Responsibility is the path to true freedom.

When we are young, it is easy to see responsibility as a set of rules imposed upon us by outside authority figures. And there are times when it is natural & just to question such authority figures when the responsibilities they demand of us are unhealthy, unfair, or tyrannical.

From the point of view of the Hero’s Journey, youthful