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The Journey Home To Your Self

A coaching journey with me is a journey back home to your true self.

There are so many ways we can become lost to ourselves. The job that slowly steals our creative passion. The unhealthy relationship that saps our self-worth. The loss that nearly breaks our spirit. The divorce, the illness, the disappointment, the unreturned love, all the ways we lose track of that one incredible person we should have been loving all along.... ourselves.

But there is a road we can begin to walk that leads us back to our true self. It is a path that requires great courage, great compassion, and great creativity. Studying and practicing this art of finding ourselves has been the guiding passion of my life. For me, there have always been several key practices that have brought me back home to myself again and again.

I have found myself through the spirit of creativity, through poetry and journaling, through the process of turning my pain into beautiful art and my joy into creative celebration.

I have found myself through spiritual practices, through meditation and mindful movement, through ceremonies that connect me to the sacred, through gratitude and reverence for the divine that lives within all things.

I have found myself through time spent in the natural world, through moments of solitude by a forest stream, on the summit of a mountain, or in the flowing waves of the sea, through listening to the voice of the earth reminding me who I really am.

And I have found myself through wise mentorship and deep community, through realizing that I do not have to make this journey all alone, through asking for support and accountability to keep me walking forward on my true path.

It is that last practice in particular - being supported by mentorship and community - that inspires me to pay it forward through my work as a life coach. It’s my great calling in this work to support people in their journey back home to their true self. And the effects of making that reconnection to self are profound and utterly life-changing. You discover the work that is your soul’s calling, the livelihood that is aligned with your passion. You choose healthy relationships that honor your worth and all the love you have to give. You rewrite the stories that once convinced you of your brokenness, transforming your life’s story into a hero’s adventure that does in fact end happily ever after. Are you ready to make this journey and rediscover who you really are? If your soul says yes, I would be honored to walk alongside you as your life coach.

My doors are open to offer 1-on-1 coaching to new clients this fall & I would love to support you and your journey home to your true self.

Head to the 1-on1 Coaching page of this website if you’re ready for this journey and are interested in a free discovery call to learn more about working with me 1-on-1.

- Matthew Foley


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