The Magician Archetype

The archetype of “The Magician” represents the part of ourselves that possesses inner wisdom & maintains our connection to the sacred. Historically, The Magician has appeared in many forms: shamans, yogis, priests & priestesses, wizards & witches. Despite differences in names & cultures, these figures have always been a part of human society, creating sacred space and guiding humanity into a deeper communion with the divine.

In myth, it is The Magician who often guides young heroes on their quests, empowering them with tools & wisdom to face the challenges ahead. We see this character in countless folk tales and films, as Merlin and Gandalf, as Dumbledore and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as Glinda the Good Witch, as Athena guiding Odysseus, and Morpheus mentoring Neo.

The Magician is a guide, a mentor, a spiritual teacher, a facilitator of inner transformation.

In my work with clients as a spiritual life coach, it is the archetypal energy of The Magician that we draw upon to find inner guidance & gain tools for transformation. I draw upon my own connection to this archetype as I coach clients and (most importantly) help them develop a relationship to their OWN inner source of wisdom.