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The Magician Archetype

The archetype of “The Magician” represents the part of ourselves that possesses inner wisdom & maintains our connection to the sacred. Historically, The Magician has appeared in many forms: shamans, yogis, priests & priestesses, wizards & witches. Despite differences in names & cultures, these figures have always been a part of human society, creating sacred space and guiding humanity into a deeper communion with the divine.

In myth, it is The Magician who often guides young heroes on their quests, empowering them with tools & wisdom to face the challenges ahead. We see this character in countless folk tales and films, as Merlin and Gandalf, as Dumbledore and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as Glinda the Good Witch, as Athena guiding Odysseus, and Morpheus mentoring Neo.

The Magician is a guide, a mentor, a spiritual teacher, a facilitator of inner transformation.

In my work with clients as a spiritual life coach, it is the archetypal energy of The Magician that we draw upon to find inner guidance & gain tools for transformation. I draw upon my own connection to this archetype as I coach clients and (most importantly) help them develop a relationship to their OWN inner source of wisdom.

It’s been a long personal journey for me to embrace this spiritual work as the central calling of my life. Our society offers very few official paths for this kind of work, particularly if they are outside a traditional religious institution, so it took me many years to find my way. I carried a lot of shame about my spiritual calling for many years - afraid of being labelled “woo-woo”, or “new age”, or just plain “weird”.

But this is who I am. This is what I do. My work as a spiritual life coach is the fulfillment of all my years of spiritual seeking. It is my way of paying forward all the mentoring and guidance I have received over the years that helped me find a path to call my own.

The spirit of The Magician - the shaman, the priest, the guru, the teacher - is within all of us, ready to show us the way. We just have to be brave enough to follow.


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