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The Simplest Truths {Poem}

The earth

still damp with rain

from last night’s downpour,

I sit on the old steps

behind the house

and watch tiny droplets

roll down the face

of shining leaves

and fall soundlessly

to the ground.

I’ve just finished

my morning meditation, learning to trust,

again and again,

that my breath

won’t fail me,

that this body

will in fact

hold me

when all else

falls apart.


I keep forgetting.

Every morning, I must relearn

the simplest truths:

I am here.

I am meant

to be here.

And so are you.

And this earth,


and beautiful

and bittersweet,

is perfect

just as it is.

And my great task,

my joyous burden,

is to make

my way

through it,

with a heart

wide open

as the sky

and hands



to greet you.


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