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The Way Back To Yourself {Poem}

You once knew the way.

A path marked with your name,

that led to the sunsets you loved,

the mountains that moved you,

the books you opened a thousand times,

the songs that beat the same rhythm

as your heart.

But somewhere back there,

without your knowing it,

your feet wandered far

from the way.

Webs of lies caught you.

Shards of broken promises cut you.

His angry voice shamed yours

into silence.

Her sad song drowned out

your chorus of joy.

You stopped hearing the voice within,

but it whispers still, waiting

for the day you will listen again.

Let this be the day.

Let this be the day you drop everything

you are not meant to carry.

Let this be the day you sing only the songs

that match your heartbeat.

Let this be the day your feet find the path

marked with your name once again.

Where is the way back to yourself? Where it has always been.

Right under your feet, waiting

for your next step.

- Matthew Foley


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