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The Way We Blossom {Poem}

After three

rain-soaked nights,

the clouds slip away

and the stars

blink bright

in the black sheen

of midnight.

An ocean crashes

in my memories.

We were nightswimming

under such a sky as this.

Naked & free,

I let the waves

lift me,

and was rocked

in the arms

of a dark sea.

How else do we

make our way

through a darkness,

but by trusting

ourselves to it?

We all learn

to bow


to that great teacher,


Before his death, The Buddha was visited

by his old foe Mara,

god of desire,

and they laughed

like old friends.

The Buddha knew

who to thank

for his enlightenment:

not the sun at dawn,

but the long night

that taught him

to awaken.

In this garden,

we grow best

in dark earth,

damp with rain.

The seeds

you carry

will one day

see the light,

if only you

plant them

in the dark soil

of soul.

This is the way

we blossom.


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