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True Self-Acceptance

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ― Joseph Campbell

True self-acceptance is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

And yet so many of us withhold that precious gift - believing we are unworthy of it.

Instead, we carry stories of doubt, fear, and lack. Stories that say: “You’ll be worthy of love & acceptance someday.. but first you must change this, earn that, achieve this goal, fix that flaw.”

Sound familiar?

My journey to self-acceptance has been a long & winding road. But at age 34, I’m finally giving myself full permission to be exactly who I am.

I’m giving myself the freedom to go read a book in the woods on a Tuesday morning… because that’s exactly what the fuck I want to do.

Because that’s exactly who I am.

Because being our true selves is in fact the greatest act of service we can give to others.

Because playing small & carrying a story of unworthiness is not going to contribute to the world being a better place.

But being ourselves just might.

Today, give yourself permission to be exactly who you are.

Today, show up as your full self.

Today, welcome in your whole being - especially those parts usually cast aside because of some old story of unworthiness.

The world needs you - the real you.


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