Two Questions For Your Love Life (Or: How to Choose a Good Road Trip Partner)

So much of our life journey is shaped by the people we share it with. Our friends, family, colleagues, lovers - and even enemies - all make up the colorful caravan of fellow travelers that share our particular road of life. Of all these fellow travelers, we tend to place an enormous importance (for better or for worse) on our choosing of romantic partners.

More than any other person, it is often our romantic partners that we share our lives most intimately with. They have a front row seat to our strengths and weaknesses, our deepest fears and desires, our most glaring imperfections and our most glorious gifts. In our grandest moments of achievement and in our most heartbreaking moments of tragedy, the person we most often want by our side is our beloved - whether husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Of course, not all love stories have happy endings. In fact, too often our most heartbreaking moments occur at the hands of romantic partners - when they cheat, when they lie, when they leave. All of this makes the act of choosing a romantic life partner so fraught with difficulty.