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Where Your Soul Belongs {Poem}

I know you’ve heard it

all the days of your life.

A voice,

quietly calling.

A song, for your ears alone.

Over and over again, it has called your name,

pulled you like the moon

calls home the tide.

It has drawn you to the quiet places,

to green woods

and rushing rivers,

to holy mountains

and deep solitude.

Only in that silence,

can you hear

what it has to teach.

Like bird song

on the wind,

it whispers:

you are free

to leave behind

all that has become

too heavy for your heart.

I know you are scared to unclench your hands and finally let go.

You will lose much,

dear one,

maybe everything, on the way to your soul.

The caterpillar

knows the cocoon

means death,

the end of everything

it once was.

You must die

to every life not meant for you

if you want to birth

a butterfly.

Your wings await you

across the river

and through the trees,

to that far country

where the voice has always called you.

May you follow it,

wherever it may lead.

May you follow it, to the place where your soul belongs.


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