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As the calendar years ends & winter settles in around my mountain home, I’ve been contemplating these deep soul questions:

Who am I? Who am I becoming? What purpose am I living for? What difference am I making in the world?

At the start of 2020, I stepped fully into my work as a spiritual life coach and launched A Path To Call Your Own.

I never would have predicted that my first full year of this work would also coincide with a global pandemic & all the wild uncertainty that 2020 brought us.

But in so many ways, I’m grateful for the lessons & blessings of this year. They weren’t the lessons I was asking for, they weren’t the blessings I was hoping for… but they brought a deep clarity about who I am & how I can serve others.

So as the year comes to a close, I feel the call to say loud & clear WHO I AM. I feel the need shout my purpose from the mountaintop, for all the world to hear.

For the past year, I’ve used the term “Certified Spiritual Life Coach” because the training program I completed used that phrase. But the poet in me has been craving language that feels more unique, more authentic, more “me”.

And so, here’s WHO I AM…

I AM a soul path guide.

I AM a facilitator of inner work.

I AM a mentor for the spiritual hero’s journey.

I BELIEVE that every human being can benefit from support & guidance on their life journey. This support can take the form of coaching, therapy, mentorship, community, or a host of other practices. Whatever form it takes, I believe this is a basic human need.

This is a truth expressed in every great hero story, where the central hero meets a mentor figure. Luke Skywalker meets Obi-Wan Kenobi. Harry Potter meets Dumbledore. Bilbo Baggins meets Gandalf. Dorothy meets Glinda the Good Witch. Arthur meets Merlin. This need for guidance & support is written into the most ancient human stories and lives in the deepest parts of the human psyche.

MY PURPOSE is to be a guide on this hero’s journey of the soul.

MY PURPOSE is to help others discover their own unique soul path, to help them live the fullest expression of their talents, gifts, and inner gold.

I say this as someone still on my own journey, still doing my own inner work, and very grateful for my own guides, mentors, and community support. I don’t believe we have to reach some final place of perfection before we decide to help others. I believe the spiritual journey is a never-ending process of paying it forward, of passing on what we have learned from our teachers & guides so that others might find their way on the path.

This is my work. This is how I serve. This is how I make a difference in the world.

If the spiritual hero’s journey is calling to you, I’m ready to serve as your guide.

If you are ready to express the fullness of your soul in your work, in your relationships, in your creativity, in your spiritual practice, I’m ready to help.

Your first step is to schedule a “Pathfinding Session” on my website:

This free introductory conversation will give you & me the opportunity to learn about each other, your unique priorities as a client, and how to best serve you on this coaching journey.

I’m honored to walk this path with you, Matthew Foley


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