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Your Own Story To Live

How much of our light have we dimmed… in fear it would be judged as too bright by others? How much of our power have we hidden away… to protect ourselves from the arrows shot by imagined critics? What is the antidote to this fear?, I asked my inner guide.

The answer came back: To shine ever more brightly.

To take up all the space your body & spirit deserves.

To become stronger than you ever believed yourself capable of being.

To accept the idea that those who reside in darkness, who see only their own shadows cast on every face, will sometimes draw you into their bitter story of resentment and despair.

But someone else’s story ultimately holds no power over you. You may become the worst of villains in their eyes, but that does not diminish the goodness you actually bring to the world.

Their story about you is THEIR story, not YOURS.

You have your own story to live, your own hero’s journey to follow.

That is your task, your tale to tell, and it will take all the courage you can muster to see this story to its end.

So do not waste all your light on those committed to seeing only darkness everywhere.

Go shine your light. Be powerful in body & spirit.

Live the epic story of your life.

- Matthew Foley


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