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Mountain Medicine is the fourth collection of poetry from Matthew Foley - writer, life coach, meditation teacher, and podcast host in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina.


Up ahead

and through the trees,

a path is calling you.

You know the one.

It leads to where

the wildflowers grow,

where mountains

are as blue as the sky,

and the sun shines

its face on yours.


Mountain Medicine is an expression of gratitude for my journey the past few years.

A physical journey that led me from a city I called home for 15 years to a new life in the mountains. An emotional journey that brought me out of heartbreak into a place of hope & healing. A spiritual journey that guided me out of darkness to a deeper connection to the sacred.


Mountain Medicine contains 31 new poems written over the last 2 years that explore the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, spirituality, healing, meditation, self-love, impermanence, the changing seasons, and the wisdom of the natural world. 


My prayer is that these poems will serve you well on your journey to the place where your soul is calling you. I hope you will feel inspired to pick up this book whenever you need support & encouragement to walk a path to call your own.


Your wings await you

across the river

and through the trees,

beyond the blue

holy mountains,

to that far country

where the voice

has always called you.

May you follow it,

wherever it may lead.

May you follow it,

to the place

where your soul belongs.

Mountain Medicine: Poetry by Matthew Foley

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