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SOUL CIRCLE is a weekly virtual gathering of soul-centered individuals coming together to live our most authentic lives & support each other’s journeys into the next stage of our growth.


I started the first Soul Circle back in January 2021 with an initial group of four wonderful human beings. Meeting every Sunday morning, we opened up, we spoke our truths, we laughed, we cried, we gave each other courage, we held each other accountable. Big creative projects were undertaken, unhealthy relationships were left behind, old wounds were healed, and deep friendships were formed.


Soul Circle is about creating a space for open & honest sharing, supportive feedback, goal setting, and mutual accountability. This group will be the place where you can speak your biggest dreams out loud, open up about the fears holding you back, and receive the support you need to follow your soul’s calling. 


Soul Circle is perfect for spiritual seekers, artists, creative entrepreneurs, and anyone striving to live in alignment with their authentic self.



The weekly Soul Circle meetings are centered on three core values: Authenticity. Alignment. Accountability. These three values give us a structure for the three rounds of each gathering. 


In the Authenticity round, each members is given a space to check in honestly about how they are feeling & showing up that day. This is an opportunity to be REAL, to authentically express our emotions in a safe, supportive container. Matthew will often offer a unique check in prompt to keep this process fresh each week. 


In the Alignment round, we do the deep work of discovering how to live in alignment with our true self. Here each person is given the space to take a deep look at an issue coming up in their lives.. a decision that needs to be made, an emotion they are struggling with, an old pattern they are ready to break free from, a dream they are ready to take action on. Matthew will bring a wide-range of coaching tools to the table to help each member gain clarity on the issue at hand, work through any emotional blocks, and discover their unique path forward. This will also be a space for each person to receive supportive feedback, encouragement, and shared similar experiences from other members of the group. 


In the final Accountability round, we will speak aloud specific actions we will take towards our goals and our vision of an authentic life. Each person will have a space to clarify how they will embody the lessons they learned from that day’s gathering and how they plan to bring those insights into their daily life. We will also use this final round to close our Soul Circle with words of affirmation, words of encouragement, and words of blessing for one another. 


In-between our weekly sessions, the members of each Soul Circle group will have the opportunity to stay in touch via a group text thread where we can share updates on our actions & goals, hold each other accountability, celebrate our wins, and share support during times of challenge. 



This next Soul Circle will begin on September 5, 2021 and will be open to FOUR individuals ready to commit to this group experience for twelve weeks. Our first virtual gathering will take place on Zoom on Sunday, September 5th from 9-11 am (EST). We will meet each Sunday morning from September 5th through November 21st .


The cost of joining Soul Circle is $200 per month.. just $50 for each weekly session. There is also a new pay in-full-option where participants can make a one-time payment of $540 ((saving $60 compared to the monthly payment option). 


Click the link below and you will be taken to the event registration page for the next Soul Circle experience. 


If you are feeling the call to join SOUL CIRCLE, I invite you to sign up today & join this incredible group of soulful individuals ready to support the next stage of your life journey.


“Soul Circle came into my life just when I needed to find a focus for the new year. I was attracted to the emphasis on accountability to help keep me on track for future business ideas. What I didn’t anticipate was the bond our group developed over the course of a few sessions through support of our individual journeys! It’s been an uplifting experience and I can’t speak highly enough about these people I now call friends!


Matthew has skillfully led us through the jungle of business, personal, and emotional challenges with a great deal of empathy and professionalism. He has a knack for asking just the right question to provoke thoughtful self discovery! Soul Circle is a wonderful way to address everyday challenges with the help of an intentional community."




“My experience of Soul Circle has been so powerful that, in many ways, it transcends words. I am unquestionably convinced that the greatest change in life comes from the human connection and values that Soul Circle encompasses. If you are ready for intentional change in your life, I wholeheartedly recommend Matthew and the authentic space he will provide for you and your Soul Circle family.”


Artie, Athens GA

"I feel so refreshed this morning after attending a Soul Circle led by Matthew Foley. We began our online meetups during the pandemic to feel more connection while being limited to the outside world. During this time, we have all had dynamic growth as people and formed a close network that is unexplainable. 


Matt's leadership helps everyone reach the deeper levels of love and empowerment we long for in our daily lives.  Matt's humble heart and openness offers a space for anyone to feel truly safe in their vulnerability and will allow you to feel genuinely heard. He asks the right questions to push everyone to their best selves and believes in you every step of the way. I feel more confident in standing in my truth after attending Soul Circle. 


The beauty of it all is that we all became great friends and now feel more like family. Matt really pours the spirit of creativity and insight into the hearts of his people. If you want to be a part of a radically beautiful experience, consider joining Soul Circle. Thank you Matt for all you contribute to our lives." 


Jamie, Atlanta GA

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