Find your path,

find yourself.



Based in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville NC, I am a life coach, soul path guide, teacher, writer, and podcast host. My purpose is to guide individuals on life's hero journey to authenticity and purpose.

My work is rooted in the Depth Coaching tradition, inspired by the insights of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Carol S. Pearson, and Patricia Adson. I view the coaching experience as a journey undertaken by both client & coach, modeled on the ancient pattern of the hero’s journey. 


In all great hero stories, heroes leave behind the familiar comforts & out-grown identities of home to embark upon an adventure. On their way, they meet mentors and acquire tools of transformation. They find within themselves a wellspring of courage and slay the dragon of fear. In their victory, heroes bring renewal to their own lives and hope to their communities. 


I believe these stories are a symbolic map for our own journeys. To live a life of authenticity and purpose, we too must leave behind what is no longer serving us. We too must seek sources of wisdom and find new skills to create change. We too must discover a deep courage within and face what we fear. And by taking this brave journey, we too can renew our lives and share our great gifts with the world. 


In this coaching process, we take this journey together through deep inquiry & reflection, guided meditations & visualizations, archetypal wisdom, creative self-expression, sacred ritual, goal-setting, and accountability. 

Together, we will bring forth your passion, your creativity, and your inner wisdom. Together, we will help you create a vision for the life you feel most deeply called to live. Together, we will help you find your unique soul path - a path to call your own. 


Are you ready to start walking your path?

- Matthew Foley



Are you living a life aligned with your deepest purpose? 


Perhaps you’ve spent too long following the path that was laid out for you, living up to everyone else’s expectations. But now you begin to crave something deeper, something more real: a path to call your own. 


Let’s peel back the layers of external pressures, expectations, and distractions to figure out who you are and what fuels your fire.


Together, we will explore what brings you a deep sense of joy & how that joy can serve the world.  


Together, we will get you walking the path of your true purpose.


I spent many years of my life searching for an authentic spiritual connection. Have you been on a similar journey? 


Although I was raised in a traditional religious community, I found myself disagreeing with many of the official answers and dogmas handed down from the pulpit. Instead, I went in search of my own answers and my own path. This inner journey led me to meditation and yoga, philosophy and psychology, myth and poetry. 

I am here to help you explore spiritual beliefs & practices on your own terms to find that spiritual connection you've always wanted. Not subscribing to or pushing any one religion or practice, this is about you finding the path that speaks to your soul.


Are you a creative person ready to share your gifts with the world?


I’ve been creative my entire life, with a particular love for writing. I feel that passion every time I pick up pen and paper. I also know first-hand the unique struggles that creative people face. The doubt. The fear. The inner critic. The voices saying: “You’re not talented enough. You’ll never make any money.” Sound familiar?


I am here to support your creative journey. Together, we’ll develop a vision for your creative goals. We will work through creative blocks and break down limiting beliefs keeping you from a successful creative career. We will hold you accountable to your big creative projects and give you the courage to boldly share them with the world. 


I love the word soul. It perfectly describes that innermost part of ourselves, the sacred center of our being.


Challenging experiences and life upheavals have a way of disconnecting us from soul, from our sacred center, leaving us depressed, anxious, and lost.

Shamanic traditions often refer to this state as “soul loss” and the healing arts of the shaman are used to recover that lost soul.


If you are feeling a disconnection from soul, a dislocation from your true self, our work together is designed to guide you back to your center. Through deep inquiry, visualization work, and compassionate support, you will find your way back to the love, joy, and empowerment waiting for you within your soul. 

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